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ACD/NMR Predictor offers several packages for nuclei-specific predictions including 1H, 13C, 15N, 19F, 31P and 2D NMR.

ACD/HNMR and CNMR Predictor utilizes algorithms that have evolved and improved over the past decade and are now based on more than 2.5 million assigned 1H and 13C chemical shifts and more than 300,000 chemical structures. The powerful HOSE Code and neural network algorithms are employed to produce accurate chemical shifts for even the most challenging problems, including compounds that exhibit stereochemistry.

Project Website:

Link to ACD/HNMR Predictor

Link to ACD/CNMR Predictor

Link to ACD/NNMR Predictor

Link to ACD/FNMR Predictor

Link to ACD/PNMR Predictor

Link to ACD/2D NMR Predictor

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