Oneshot for Bruker (G.A. Morris/M. Nilsson)

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Basic facts about Oneshot

Synopsis: 2D Oneshot DOSY pulse sequence

Family: Diffusion experiments

Code authors:

 Juan AguilarGareth A. MorrisMathias Nilsson

Copyright: Manchester University

Sample data

Sample data (available through "parameters" link above) was recorded at 300K

Sample composition:

  • D-(-)-Fructose: 182 mM
  • Propan-1-ol: 316 mM
  • D2O: 0.8 mL
  • TSP for δ scale reference

Experiments (included in the parameters archive):

  • 10 - 1D 1H.
  • 11 - Doneshot 16 transients. 18 minutes.
  • 15 - Doneshot 1 transient. 38 seconds.

DOSY data above was processed with DOSY toolbox for Matlab.

Setup instructions

Setup of the pulse sequence in Topspin is described in this pdf document.

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