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Dear Colleague,

You are cordially invited to collaborate in the development of this non profit MR community web resource. NMR Wiki is based on the wiki platform, and therefore - you can edit this site directly through your web browser.

We are committed to providing an open platform for MR-specific web applications, knowledge base, and tools for networking. Also we aim at supporting a great relationship between business and academia - in creative non-profit ways.

The server now operates much like a college campus mainframe. Developers will get remote access via <name> . Alternatively you can become a content curator or - of course - become a valued contributor!

All edits on the wiki are automatically attributed to authors. We do not claim ownership of the content posted by users. If your software work might be publishable in the journals - of course you and your coworkers alone will take credit. As an added benefit - the result of your work will be accessible as a readily visible web application. You will receive technical assistance to get your application running smoothly, as well as help in maintaining documentation and building interfaces with the other programs.

Some of our current software development goals are:

In summary, you are very welcome to join and show this message to any of your colleagues. Chances are that there is a computer enthusiast next door, in your lab, or perhaps you are one yourself!

Your comments will be greatly appreciated as they will help the us shape the best policies for the project.

Please join us and share your magnetic science!!!

Best regards,

NMR Wiki team.

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