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Welcome to NMR Wiki!!!

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  • tell about your lab, facility, research, business and yourself
  • store protocols, reference information, bibliography
  • maintain manuals for your software and interact with your users directly

Mission of NMR Wiki is to collect useful information about magnetic resonance, promote research, learning and networking.

Entire contents of NMR Wiki is available under creative commons license, which means that anything you find here you can freely copy and re-distribute with or without modifications as long as you cite NMR Wiki and it's contributors.

Some of the things that NMR Wiki has to offer:

Welcome new members! Emily Bruggeman, Bo Chen, Keith Brown, Benjamin Wylie, Ahmed Elkady, Anupam Goel, WengKung Peng, Tuomas Niemi-Aro, Rosanna Campagna, Omry Morag, Dmitry Cheshkov, Gavin Duggan, Pablo Trigo-Mouriño, Ilker Ün, Bill Eberle, David Stephenson, Wei Huang, Aldino Viegas, Ravi Kumar, David Harris, Michael Bokoch, Michael Shapiro, Victor Terskikh, Jithender Reddy, Sabarinathan Venkatachalam, Alistair Irvine, N Hari, Ian Burton, Echo Ye, Martha Morton, Renana Shapira, Moriah Beck, Duanxiang (Steve) Xu, Tim Burrow, Wazo Myint, Teodor Boianov, Harini Balaji, Vernon Russell, Shuji Kaieda, Chris Jao, John Edwards, Kerem Bingol, Gonzalo Hernandez, Shangwu Ding, Abhishek Banerjee, Rajasekaran, Matteo, Ellen, Lindsay Sperling, Ian Luck, Trent Franks, MariaRosa Quintero-Bernabeu, everybody else.
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