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NMR tube pipettes have long narrow tips that can reach bottom of NMR tubes and transfer samples with minimum losses and avoid forming bubbles.

Glass Pasteur pipettes

Image:18px-Bulbgraph.png Tip: if you would like to minimize loss of sample on smearing over the inner pipette surface, draw sample only into the tip of pipette and transfer sample in a few steps. This technique can be very useful when working with aqueous samples of limited volume.

tip lengthfits NMR tubescatalog #manufacturer
7.5"5mm x 7"NE-201New Era Enterprises, Inc. 1-800-821-4667 (USA)
7.5"ng120Norell, Inc. 1-800-519-3688 (USA)
8.5"ng122Norell, Inc. 1-800-519-3688 (USA)
9.25"5mm x 8-9"NE-201-ANew Era Enterprises, Inc. 1-800-821-4667 (USA)
7.5"3mm x 7"NE-301-50New Era Enterprises, Inc. 1-800-821-4667 (USA)
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