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Is your business related to magnetic resonance spectroscopy or imaging?

Make use of NMR Wiki to promote your engineering/software/supply solutions! It's free!

  • open-source your manuals and publish them here (find out more about potential benefits of this public relations strategy). Your users will appreciate it and more people will find out about your well supported products.
  • use your personal profile (please, follow a link with your name on top) to advertise your services and expertise (your profile will be linked to from every edit record in the history - that might generate some extra traffic to your business as well)
  • add a link to your website to the commercial NMR service providers page. The value of a link includes some improvement of the search engine rank of your website.
  • create a separate page about your company, post technical specifications, manuals (as discussed above), feel free to post links to your ads; please limit graphical advertising to technical drawings.
  • let us use your software plugins and create a great advertising side-effect for your products
  • we will continue supporting mutually beneficial relationships between business and academia and hope that exposure of your business at NMR Wiki will help you make more sales and reach more customers
Please, consider supporting NMR Wiki. NMR Wiki does not yet accept donations, but a link at your company site/blog to will be appreciated.
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