Setting up shaped pulses

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On Bruker systems the statement for a shaped pulse is similar to:

(p3:sp3 ph3):f3

Here it is intended to apply to channel f3 (channel 3) a pulse of duration p3 microseconds using phase table ph3.

Usage of :sp3 in the statement implies these things:

  • the pulse is shaped
  • sp3 is the variable with a value of maximum power for the pulse
  • variable spnam3 contains the (string) name of the waveform file
  • any power value for channel f3 set before is ignored (???) and sp3 is used instead

In order to use a shaped pulse in the experiment:

  • the waveform must be created, if it does not exist
  • value of sp3 needs to be determined based on the calibration


explain how to set up shaped pulses on Varian systems


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