Applications of isotope filtered NOESY experiments

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Trying to catalog filtered NOESY experiments that work well for H2O samples.

Original papers listing methods of isotope filtration used by the papers shown here are collected this page.

Search string "filtered noesy" "water suppression" in Google Scholar.

Used 15N-filtered spectrum (Ogura et al. 1996 JBNMR, 8,492-498) to observe aromatic proton signals obscured by amide protons. Solvent in samples 90% H2O.

Water suppression technique - presaturation + pfg-zz filter by Bax and Pochapsky (1992). It is not 100% clear that they used this particular technique for this experiment though (they've ran multiple other experiments too).

Ogura, K., Nagata, K., Hatanaka, H., Habuchi, H., Kimata, K., Tate, S., Ravera, M.W., Jaye, M., Schlessinger, J., Inagaki, F.. {Solution structure of human acidic fibroblast growth factor and interaction with heparin-derived hexasaccharide}

Journal of Biomolecular NMR 13(1):11--24, 1999
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Sample - protein/DNA complex in H2O. Paper has detailed description of experiments. Ref. Wuttke, 1997 within also refers to use of filtered NOESY experiments for H2O samples.

In this publication doubly 13C, 15N filtered NOESY and TOCSY spectra were used. (Otting G., Wuthrich, K (1990) Q. Rev. Biophys., 23, 39-96; Burgering M., Boelens, R. and Kaptein, R. (1993) JBNMR, 3, 709-714; Slijper, J., Kaptein, R. and Boelens, R. (1996) J. Magn. Reson., B111, 199-203)

Foster, M.P., Wuttke, D.S., Clemens, K.R., Jahnke, W., Radhakrishnan, I., Tennant, L., Reymond, M., Chung, J., Wright, P.E.. {Chemical shift as a probe of molecular interfaces: NMR studies of DNA binding by the three amino-terminal zinc finger domains from transcription factor IIIA}

Journal of Biomolecular NMR 12(1):51--71, 1998
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