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The NMR Wiki Pulse Sequence Database consists of four things visible to all users:

  • pulse sequence records - pages about actual runnable pulse sequences
  • NMR experiment records - pages about general concepts of NMR experiments (like COSY or HMBC)
  • pulse sequence file repository - holding of the source code
  • search interface - a place where you can search for the pulse sequences

First three components are all optional. This is made so that those parts could be created in any order.

How to get started?

To contribute files - email them as attachment to

To describe items - just create a new page or find an existing one and add your text.

For NMR experiment pages - please describe what the experiment does
for pulse sequences - create a listing of parameters that user needs to set up.

What are the goals of this dabase?

The goals of the NMR Wiki Pulse Sequence Database are:

  • create clear user documentation for pulse sequences
  • make NMR pulse sequences easily discoverable
  • make more pulse sequences available to the spectroscopists

Is there a more technical description?

Technical documentation is available here.

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