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This is a listing of businesses that provide products or services in the field of magnetic resonance.

Please maintain alphabetic sorting within categories.


Commercial NMR labs

Acorn NMR NMR Spectroscopy Service and NMR data processing software.

NMRServices at ChemAnalytical NMR, EPR and FT-IR Spectroscopic and Analytical Services and Consulting. Providing Analytical and Spectroscopic Solutions to Industries at a reasonable cost

Chemtos Proton and 13C NMR services starting at $49/sample. Same-day service.

Combinix, Inc. 1D proton on nanograms, 2D 1H-13C on micrograms, high-sensitivity HPLC-NMR of complex mixtures

Invento s.r.l. development of analytical procedures for the characterization of complex matrix based on the use of Field Cycling Relaxometry NMR spectroscopy. NMR data acquisition and data analysis.

Spectral Data Services Commercial Analytical Lab offering Solution and Solid State NMR.

Process NMR Associates Commercial Analytical NMR Service offering liquids and solids NMR

Lab-Tools Contract nano-metrology and pore-size measurement in the range 1nm to 1μm, low field (20MHz) relaxation measurements. See : Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Cryoporometry - Physics Reports, doi:10.1016/j.physrep.2008.02.001

NMRTEC Analytical service, expertise & Developpment. NMR Solutions.

Fatih University, NMR Lab.

Spinnovation Analytical Contract Research Laboratory with high-end analytical method capabilities: LC-SPE-NMR, LC-MS (accurate mass), ug-level NMR analyses, solid/liquid NMR analyses


Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs), Inc. A chemistry software company offering solutions that integrate chemical structures with analytical chemistry information such as NMR, MS, IR, UV/vis, TGA, Chrom, etc. In addition, the company offers predictive software for NMR, MS, ADME, Toxicity, databases, etc.

Acorn NMR develops NUTS - NMR processing software

Chenomx Inc. develops Chenomx NMR Suite - NMR based mixture analysis software including spin simulator, processing tools, and extensive small molecule library.

Dune Scientific Scientific software provider.

NMRTEC develops NMRnotebook - User friendly, multiplatform NMR processing Software, additional DOSY ILT/MaxEnt module.

Mestrelab Research develops Mnova - modern analytical chemistry software suite for NMR & LC GC MS

NMR Science - scientific software consulting, supports NMRPipe package

IneedWS LLC - NMR scientific software consulting and development

PERCH Solutions - develops NMR & molecular modelling software for spectral analysis and quantification

Consulting, technical writing & legal services

Extra Byte: MR physics & technology in-house consulting/training (EU); MR-related legal services (worldwide).

Maintenance and repair services

Anamed engineering services service, systems, support and parts for several GE™ MRI systems

MR ResourcesNMR Sales and Service, Parts, System Moves, and Installations

Open Technologies NMR Service and Applications Support, Installations, Moves, and Service Contracts.

Praxair Praxair Cryomag Services for service and support for NMR systems including system moves/quench recovery/mapping/cryogen fill service/cryogen supply/service contracts.

Triangle Analytical NMR Service and Parts, NMR Installations and Moves, Cryogen Fill Service

NMR Tube Vendors

Wilmad : 5mm precision | 5mm economy | all tubes

Norell : complete 2008 catalog (pdf)

New Era: NMR Catalog(pdf)

J. Young valve NMR tubes - tubes for use with air-sensitive samples

Stable isotopes

Cambridge Isotopes

Isotec now division of Sigma-Aldrich


Instrumentation and probes

Active Spectrum Inc Miniature ESR Spectrometer Systems

act GmbH Single-sided sensors (NMR-MOUSE) and Halbach magnet systems based on permanent magnets for mobile NMR.

Anasazi Instruments, Inc. 60 and 90MHz NMR Spectrometers with permanent magnets

Bridge12 Technologies, Inc. High-frequency microwave/terahertz sources and instrumentation for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) enhanced NMR spectroscopy

Bruker Biospin NMR Systems - Superconducting Magnets

HTS-110 Compact, cryogen-free magnet systems 100MHz and 200MHz

International Equipment Trading Ltd. (IET Ltd.) Refurbished NMR spectrometers, NMR probes, NMR service contracts

JEOL NMR Systems - Superconducting Magnets

JASTEC - Japan Superconductor Technology, Inc. NMR Supeconducting Magnets (SC magnets for JEOL, SC wires, etc.)

J S Research NMR Probes and Systems

Magritek Ltd. Compact NMR / MRI spectrometers. NMR / MRI Teaching System.

Lab-Tools Ltd. (Instrumentation) NMR and related instrumentation and software. Bespoke instrumentation designed and implemented to your requirements.

Protasis Corporation / MRM CapNMR probes and One-Minute NMR automation systems

NMR Process Systems Benchtop High Resolution 60 MHz NMR Spectrometers for Laboratories and Online Process Control

NMR Service NMR Systems, probes, EM360 upgrades, non magnetic RF capacitors

Process NMR Associates TD-NMR spectrometers at multiple fields and high-resolution 60 MHz FT-NMR spectrometer systems based on permanent magnets.

Resonance Systems Digital NMR Spectrometers, Permanent Magnets, Unilateral NMR Systems, Custom NMR Systems

RS2D Refurbished NMR Systems and Services

Stelar s.r.l. TD-NMR, Fast Field Cycling NMR relaxometers, Digital NMR Consoles.

Tecmag, Inc. NMR/NQR/MRI Systems.

Triangle Analytical Refurbished NMR Spectrometers, NMR Service, NMR Installations and Moves, Cryogen Fill Service

Varian NMR NMR Systems - Superconducting Magnets

MR Resources Reconditioned NMR Systems, Magnets and Probes. Services include instrument moving, repairs and cryo fills.

Accessory lab instrumentation

Micro pH electrodes

NMR tube pipettes

Related services

Duniway Stockroom repairs of vacuum systems (pumps, etc.)

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