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Determining signal to noise ratio

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This manual explains how to determine S/N ratio in 1D NMR spectra. It's a ratio between the intensity variation in the spectral region containing peaks (singnal) and in the peak free region (noise). Select platform below.

Select platform: vnmr  XWINNMR

Command: dsn - display signal to noise ratio.

Transform data (use ft for simple Ft or wft for weighted FT)

Display trace to use for S/N determination


where n is number of trace to display.

Zoom onto the region of interest.

With left and right cursors define the region with no signals - only noise

Type dsn

Command: sino

To use it, first define signal region, i.e. from where intensity of tallest peak will be measured

sigf1 <start of signal region>
sigf2 <end of signal region>

Next, define noise region, i.e. a region with no signals, just noise

noisf1 <start of noise region>
noisf2 <end of noise region>

Type sino

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