How to edit Pulse Sequence Database records

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Click "edit" tab on some pulse sequence page, type some text and click "save".

What to write

The most important part of the record is the listing of pulse sequence parameters.

Please look at the source code of the pulse sequence and write out only those parameters that are independent and must be set by the user.

The purpose of this is to simplify documentation as much as possible. Any parameters that are only used internally in the pulse sequence should not be documented.

Where to edit

Please edit text anywhere after the closing braces }} - that's where the general text section is located.

If there is no "double-braced" record in the page source - just edit anywhere on the page.

Example below shows where the general text section is located.

 |synopsis={{15N}}-HSQC with T1 measurement
 |authors=cbr, gtm
Add/edit your text here
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