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Download source code here.


Allows citing references retrieved from two major sources: pubmed database and bibtex source (which can be copied from Google Scholar).

Basically you add to the bottom of a given page add bibliography like this

#einstein1925 ...details...
#bohr1955 ...details...

, what's in details is explaned below. It will be either a pubmed or bibtex citation.

and within text insert <cite>bohr1955, einstein1925</cite> to cite the articles.

This extension is a merged code of biblio written by Martin Jambon and bibtex extensions maintained by Jean-Yves Didier. Contact Evgeny Fadeev regarding this version.

PUBMED citations

Take a look here.

BibTex citations

Pubmed is not listing many articles particularly in the fields of Physical Sciences and Engineering. However GoogleScholar offers a vast number of citations in BibTex format.

Sections below explain how to get BibTex source and incorporate it into the biblio citation mechanism.

Using Googled BibTeX source

Souce of citation records can be copy-pasted from GoogleScholar.

  • go to GoogleScholar
  • click on link shown in the following screenshot
  • scroll Scholar Preferences page all the way down and select the following
  • click save preferences and go back to GoogleScholar main page
  • find some article and click "Import into BibTeX" link
  • in the wiki page where you want to insert citations and create a record similar to
#chirp bibtex=@article{fu1995bdn,
  title={Broadband decoupling in NMR with frequency-modulated ‘chirp’ pulses},
  author={Fu, R. and Bodenhausen, G.},
  journal={Chemical Physics Letters},

#chirp is a label for your citation that you can include into "cite" tags like <cite>chirp</cite> anywhere in the article. Most likely you will want to have more then one article in the list of references - then just include more records like that into the same <biblio> ... </biblio> area. Cite multiple references at once by inserting a comma-separated list of labels within "cite" tag, e.g. <cite>chirp,g4</cite>

Caveat : DOI link, such as url={} is not included by Scholar - you'll have to copy it from the article webpage.

DOI lookup

Sometimes DOI link (that is to be put as url value in the bibtex source) is not given in the article site.

You can look it up here by the article title.


This example uses two sources of references: pubmed database and bibtex code. Click "view source" or "edit" in this example section to see code.

If you click on the paper title - you should be taken to the article web-page (subscription to the journal may be required)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet [1, 2], consectetuer adipiscing elit[3]. Ut accumsan ante eget tortor ultricies dapibus. Nullam congue porttitor enim[1].


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  3. Fu, R and Bodenhausen, G. Broadband decoupling in NMR with frequency-modulated ‘chirp’ pulses. Chemical Physics Letters 245(4-5):415--420, 1995. BibTeX [chirp]

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