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Also known as MRI, is a technique that uses resonance of nucleus (it's also possible with electron resonance) to acquire the reciprocal space of the spin density and also of relaxation properties. This is possible by using magnetic field gradients along physical dimensions of the sample. These gradients could affect the nuclear spin (which most of the time is the proton from water, and less frequently another single spin system, e.g. lipid) in different ways :

  • changing the resonance frequency
  • changing the frequency that is required to excite the nucleus
  • changing the relative phases

The field gradients can be adjusted in two ways:

  • changing their duration
  • changing their strength

Common applications of MRI include:

  • routine medical imaging
  • biomedical research imaging
  • Magnetic resonance microscopy
  • batteries

References : Free online Magnetic Resonance Imaging course

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