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Nov 11, 2007

I have a suggestion: data repository (variable formats are viewable using spinworks; K. Marat) for NMR FIDs (not the processed picture and not the list popular with organic chemists), but the actual data. So many times I want to SEE the data when I read an article and invaribly something is missing from either the list or the parameters. I want to see the actual data the scientific conclusions are being based on.

Yael Balazs | balazs technion ac il


Using Discussion pages

Each wiki page has an associated Discussion page (or Talk page). This is a place for questions and answerers and posting opinions.

Click on "+" tab above to add topic. It's better for the discussions to be somewhat relevant to content or purpose of corresponding page.

Don't forget to sign with ~~~~ four tilde symbols in the row. They will be automatically replaced with your name.

Please use this page for the most general conversations.

Ask questions about NMR - and they may be answered!

Wikis vs Blogs and other types of web applications

In the blog you have full control of content and others have no control at all. These are good posting personal opinions, anything else that you don't want others to edit.

In the wiki situation is opposite. Therefore wiki is good for things to which others can contribute, and not that good for expessing opinions since they can be completely overwritten by others.

Here you can get both! A blog <yourname> - there you can type everything you want - in any language.
You don't even have to blog about MR all the time.

There are also other established online applications - like newsgroups and chats. These discussion pages are crude analogies of those - and could be improved of course.

You can type your opinion here. Don't forget to sign with ~~~~ four tilde symbols in the row. They will be automatically replaced with your name.

I will give a shot to installing chat here very soon. Evgeny Fadeev 17:12, 25 April 2008 (MDT)

Varian VT issues

Hi everyone,

I am interested in hearing from people who have had issues with the Varian VT system, especially with the connectors. There has been some discussion of this on the AMMRL group but there may be more people here. Here is an incident that I have had:

After changing a probe, I was shimming the system up and noticed that the temperature display started to climb rapidly. Now, anyone familiar with this system will know that this usually indicates a bad connection at the probe, (or, in our case the Chemmagnetics "adapter box") indicative of an open thermocouple. So, I switched the VT setting to OFF, but also noticed that the lock level had dropped to almost 0. I went over to the magnet to "wiggle" the connector back into submission and noticed the acrid smell of burning plastic and saw smoke coming from the probe base. The temperature display at this point has reached over 150 C! I quickly yanked the cable from the probe, but not before the probe heater had been destroyed and my sample (which fortunately was in DMSO) was toast.

The probe repair bill was nearly $5000.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Do you have a solution?

I should point out that our system is a dual solids/liquids machine (Inova) and the VT unit is the one supplied for the Chemmagnetics VT stack and required an "adapter box" to be used with liquids probes. This system also uses the Hyland L950 which can put out 450 Watts, rather than the 100 Watt Hyland L900.

-Kirk --Kirk Marat 11:12, 7 April 2008 (MDT)

Hi Kirk, We'll see if anyone responds. I think it will take putting quite a bit of information into the wiki to attract a lot of people. Perhaps some time maybe even soon we can set up forums here - there's been this suggestion at the AMMRL meeting for the wiki.

--Evgeny Fadeev 12:07, 7 April 2008 (MDT)

Hi Evgeny, I thought I would post this request here for now, as I am trying to avoid the "flame-war" which might happen if I posted it to AMMRL. Out of curiosity, have you had any problems with the Varian VT system?


--Kirk Marat 10:07, 8 April 2008 (MDT)

- We have L900 and no adapter box. Never had problems with VT in my year of experience as a facility manager :). I think it's good to inform people about accidents so that they could be avoided in the future. I've spent some time reading AMMRL archives and learned quite a lot from them; it would be great if people there post summaries more often.

--Evgeny Fadeev 11:38, 8 April 2008 (MDT)

Organizing NMR experiment pages

Since there are hundreds if not more NMR experiments out there, they have to be properly categorized.

Also experiment pages need to be named properly. The name should be well readable in a list of experiments, also it should be sufficiently informative.

We need to work out a "standard" of naming pages, and a strategy of categorizing experiments.

I've started something, but not sure it's a good solution.

Category:NMR Experiments

Also, with regard to pulse sequences - we'll need to work out a template - what needs to be filled out to properly describe a pulse sequence.

Probably creating one definitive page for one popular pulse sequence (which one should we pick) would help understand what needs to be done.

There will be lot's of little things: how to deposit code, parameters, sample data. But big deal - we'll work it out ;)

Ideas? Evgeny Fadeev 20:43, 8 April 2008 (MDT)

Organizing front page

That's a topic too... The original idea was to create an information directory (aka portal).

So in this line it should be well thought through what links should be on the front page and in what order.
(A related question is how to make it all look better)

Some of the more obvious are:

  • history
  • software
  • vendors (and other sections containing mostly links)
  • tutorials (e.g. well established theory)
  • research topics
  • experiments

Suggestions? Evgeny Fadeev 19:10, 22 April 2008 (MDT)

Implementation of review process

One possible solution: can be modified to display two versions of the page - one constantly evolving and another one - currently approved read-only version. (Maybe there could be other solutions too...)

Evgeny Fadeev 12:41, 5 May 2008 (MDT) 12:40, 5 May 2008 (MDT)

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