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BMNRC The Biological Macromolecular NMR Research Community

Ryan's Blog on NMR Software An NMR Software blog devoted mostly to the NMR software solution provided by ACD/Labs, Inc.

Philosophy to Chemistry to Elucidation A science blog devoted to the process of structure elucidation using experimental data from NMR, MS, IR, etc.

Stan's NMR Blog a comprehensive blog on Magnetic Resonance, by Stan Sykora, featured at Wiley's

Carlos's NMR Blog analysis, prediction and verification of NMR spectra.

University of Ottawa NMR Facility Blog by Glenn Facey (NMR information, tips, tricks and advice)

NMR Software Blog reviews and comparisons of NMR software

My software notes biophysics, protein NMR, bioinformatics, software

Jeet's Blog

Discount Thoughts by Michael Clarkson (protein NMR)

NMR Information Server by Spincore, Inc. (includes job postings)

SpectroscopyNow:NMR online magazine

Process NMR Associates Blog General NMR Applications

Wolfgang Robien's Blog New Developments within the CSEARCH-NMR-Database

Solid-State NMR Literature Blog by Rob Shurko Lab

Canadian NMR News Canadian NMR news and events & the quarterly news bulletin "Canadian NMR Research"

Chinese NMR News Chinese NMR news and events

Taiwan NMR News Taiwan NMR news and events

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