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NMRnotebook is especially designed for chemists, biochemists and spectroscopists dealing with NMR.

It is multiplatform (32 bits) : Windows (Seven, Vista, Xp), Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, Mandriva ...) as well as Mac Os X (10.6, 10.5... )

It allows you to perform state of the art 1D and 2D NMR data processing by just a few mouse clicks.



Namely, all routine procedures such as importing, processing data, peak picking, integrating spectra have been automatized.

Although all these automations can be revised and modified by user for specific enhancement of NMR results and analysis.

This can be accomplished thanks to the smart combination of:

A powerful and sophisticated mathematical engine.

A modern and intuitive graphic user interface.

A document oriented organization of the NMR data.

NMRnotebook can be enriched by optional specific modules such as:

DOSY Module (available)

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