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posted: May 27 2010

Group for Membrane Biophysics and NMR at the CNRS Chemistry Institute and the University of Strasbourg in cooperation with Bruker-BioSpin is looking for a Doctoral Student with Master or Diploma degree in Physics, Physical Chemistry, or Biophysics with particular interest in NMR hardware and solid-state NMR.

The prospective candidate will work in a project, co-financed by the CNRS and Bruker-BioSpin, within the topic:

Development of a flat-coil dynamic nuclear polarization/solid-state NMR probehead for the investigation of oriented membrane samples to complement commercial equipment recently made available and to develop protocols for the investigation of oriented and non-oriented membrane proteins

The PhD thesis will be directed by Prof. Burkhard Bechinger, University of Strasbourg in collaboration with Dr. Fabien Aussenac and Dr. Frank Engelke, Bruker BioSpin.

The candidate will work in a multidisciplinary environment, the Biomembrane Group in Strasbourg, the solid-state probe development group in Karlsruhe as well as the applications group in Bruker BioSpin Wissembourg, all located within 90 km distance.

Candidate requirements

  • Master or diploma degree or equivalent in physics, biophysics, chemistry, or physical chemistry
  • experience in NMR, experience in solid-state NMR is a plus
  • interest in NMR hardware development and engineering
  • interest in developing novel protocols for Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation / solid-state NMR of peptides, proteins and lipids of oriented biomembranes

How to apply

Please address your application including your CV preferably until 7th June 2010 to

Prof. Burkhard Bechinger,
University of Strasbourg / CNRS, ISIS, 8 allée Gaspard Monge, 67070 Strasbourg

Thereafter applications will still be received until a suitable candidate has been identified.

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