Picking and labeling peaks in Sparky

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Picking peaks

Switch to Find/add peak pointer mode (F8 key on PC's) Click on the peak. A box around the peak should appear. If you don't see the box or it is too small increase box size

Alternatively you can draw to cover the area containing several peaks. Once you release the mouse - more then one peak might be picked at a time. Number of automatically picked peaks will depend on the contour settings (which can be adjusted)

Peak positions can be more accuratedly adjusted by integrating them.

Labeling peaks

Select a peak, which you want to label, type at.

A window prompting you to enter residue and atom assignment will show up.

Type in appropriate names and click 'Ok'. If you don't want to assign residue - just leave those fields blank (in that case peak label will contain ? mark)

Now a peak label should appear.

Peak assignments are stored in .save files. Make sure to save your spectrum.

Related commands

pi - peak intergrate

vc - view center

Pointer mode "find/add peak (F8)" with this mode clicking adds a peak or selects existing peak

pk - lock peak from moving

pu - unlock peak

xr - rotate view (change 2D plane shown) - this helps to make sure that peak label is placed on it's maximum - not just in the middle of one projection

at - assgning/labeling peaks

vt - in this dialog you can adjust what is shown on peak labels

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