Plotting spectra with Sparky

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Sparky allows plotting 2D planes of NMR spectra to precise dimensions in the PostScript output format.

Plotting tool command it pt. Once typed, a dialog (shown below) will open.

Obtaining quick plots

  1. click into spectrum you want to print
  2. type pt
  3. click 'Save...' button and save postscript file
  4. 'Print' button may not work - depending on how your printer is set up

Creating a plot with set dimensions

Often it is important to prepare an image of a particular size, and spectral window.

  1. select data limits to print (Downfield and Upfield ppm values in the plane dimensions)
  2. calculate spectral width of each dimensions (SW=Downfield-Upfield)
  3. decide what is the desired display size in that dimension (SZ)
  4. calculate ppm/cm value as SW/SZ and type it into the corresponding ppm/cm cell
  5. write down this number for your future reverence (see note below)
  6. click 'Save...' button (print button may not work if printer is not configured for sparky)


  • remember to turn off 1D traces if they are activated and if you don't want them to appear in your plot.
  • write down ppm/cm value if used as sparky might forget it
  • by default sparky saves files into <sparky_data_dir>/Lists directory - you may want to


Remember to append .ps to file names as sparky may not automatically do that and on some systems file extensions are important.

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