SCUM2011 - Southern California Users of Magnets - Apr. 16 2011

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SCUM is an annual regional conference on Magnetic Resonance.

Keynote speaker: Professor Angela Gronenborn, University of Pittsburgh.
Date: April 16, 2011
Time: 10am (start), breakfast served at 9:15 am
Location: Campus of UC, Irvine
Organized by: Melanie Cocco and Evgeny Fadeev, UC Irvine


Register by April 8

Please sign up here.

The event is sponsored, therefore there are no registration fees. Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided.

Driving directions

Your final destination is "Natural Sciences Bldg. 1, Rm. 1114" - (can be found on the map linked below).

  • find and print your directions to this location on the map
  • continue on Bison Ave into the UCI campus (a smaller driveway leading inside the campus)
  • park near Nat. Sci. 1, parking is free all day, April 16 2011


9:30 - 10 breakfast

10:00 am - Will Brubaker "NMR assignments of wild-type human gamma-S crystallin and its cataract-related variant gamma-S-G18V" (Martin Lab, UCI)

10:15 am - Daniel Orr "1H NMR profiling of organic acid and sugar content for authentication of pomegranate juice" (Larive Lab, UCR)

10:30 am Christopher Jones "Using microcoil NMR to probe molecular interactions during analyte focusing with capillary isotachophoresis" (Larive Lab, UCR)

10:45 am Hasan Celik "Phase-sensitive Spectra by the Filter Diagonalization Method" (Shaka Lab, UCI)

11:00 am Anna Pavlova "Unraveling early aggregation mechanisms of tau protein by tracing site-specific hydration dynamics" (Han Lab, UCSB)

11:15 am Thomas Spirig "NMR studies on heme transfer across the cell wall of S. aureus" (Clubb laboratory, UCLA)

11:35 am Yong-Gang Chang "KaiC CII Ring Flexibility Governs the Rhythm of the Circadian Clock of Cyanobacteria" (LiWang Lab, UCMerced)

11:55 am -1:15 pm lunch

1:15 Dan O'Leary "Deuterium and Tritium NMR Equilibrium Isotope Effects Involving OH/OH and CH/N Hydrogen Bonds: Stereochemical Applications" (Pomona College)

1:50 pm Patricia Jennings "Crossfire on the Functional/Folding Landscapes of the IL-1 Family" (UCSD)

2:25 pm – 2:45 pm break.

2:45 pm Tobias Ulmer "Structural Biology of alpha-Synuclein Folding and Misfolding" (USC)

3:20 pm Hartmut Oschkinat "Structural investigations on the activation mechansims of the chaperone systems MESD and alphaB crystallin by solution and solid-state NMR" (Freie Universitat Berlin, Visiting Faculty at UCI)

3:55 pm Stanley Opella "Structure Determination of Membrane Proteins in Proteoliposomes"(UCSD)

4:30 pm Angela Gronenborn "The CVNH family of lectins - structure, sugar binding and HIV-inactivation" (University of Pittsburgh, National Academy of Sciences, keynote speaker)








We thank corporate sponsors for helping us host this event. If your company would like to participate - please contact Evgeny Fadeev (

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