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Aromatic groups

Ortho 6-9 Hz
Meta 1-3 Hz
Para 0-1 Hz

All couplings of same sign (?)


Article [1] has a diagram with some J couplings in Ade base.

Vicinal couplings

Ethylene - trans 19.0 Hz; cis - 11.7 Hz. Values are reduced by electronegative substituents. Approx as:
Jtrans = 19.0 - 3.3δE
Jcis = 11.7 - 4.0δE
where δE is Electronegativity in Huggins scale, relative to proton.

Geminal couplings

Ethylene 2.5 Hz (Ref 11 in paper below). Decreases with increase of electronegativity of X in CH2=CHX. +7.5 Hz where X=Li, -3.2 Hz where X=F


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