Script - convert PDB files created by NIH-XPLOR to XYZ file format

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This script will convert PDB file saved by NIH XPLOR into XYZ format.

Will also work on other PDB files, but does not process HETATM entries - only ATOM. Can be easily extended though.

Usage: [options] <file.pdb> [<>]
 --version        show program's version number and exit
 -h, --help       show this help message and exit
 -o, --overwrite  overwrite output file, if it exists
 -v, --verbose    print info about files being processed

Create file, copy-paste into the content below and save.

from optparse import OptionParser
import re
import os.path
import sys
class PDBAtom(object):
    def __init__(self, string):
        #this is what we need to parse
        #ATOM      1  CA  ORN     1       4.935   1.171   7.983  1.00  0.00      sega
        #XPLOR pdb files do not fully agree with the PDB conventions = string[12:16].strip()
        self.x = float(string[30:38].strip())
        self.y = float(string[38:46].strip())
        self.z = float(string[46:54].strip())
        self.warnings = []
        if len(string) < 78:
            self.element =[0]
            self.warnings.append('Chemical element name guessed ' +\
                                'to be %s from atom name %s' % (self.element,
            self.element = string[76:78].strip()
usage = 'usage: %prog [options] <file.pdb> [<>]\n\n' \
        + '\tConvert protein data bank PDB file created by NIH-XPLOR to XYZ file\n' \
        + '\tReferences:, ' \
        + '\n\n' \
        + '\tto get help type: python %prog -h'
version = '%prog 0.1 - convert pdb file to xyz'
opt = OptionParser(usage=usage,version=version)
                default=False, help='overwrite output file, if it exists')
opt.add_option('-v','--verbose',action='store_true', dest='verbose',\
                default=False, help='print info about files being processed')
(options, args) = opt.parse_args()
narg = len(args)
if narg == 0:
    opt.error('must provide name of pdb file')
elif narg > 2:
    opt.error('too many no-option arguments should be either one or two (second - name of xyz file)')
    infile = args[0]
    pdb_re = re.compile('^(.+).pdb$', re.IGNORECASE)
    m =
    if m:
        basename =
        if narg == 2:
            if args[1].endswith('.xyz'):
                outfile = args[1]
                opt.error('output file (second argument) must have .xyz extension - case insensitive')
            outfile = basename + '.xyz'
        opt.error('input file (first argument) must have .pdb extension - case insensitive')
if os.path.exists(outfile) and options.overwrite == False:
    opt.error('file %s exists, use -o or --overwrite otion to overwrite the file' % outfile)
if os.path.isfile(infile):
    pdb_file = open(infile,'r')
    opt.error('file %s does not exist' % infile)
if options.verbose:
    sys.stderr.write('converting %s --> %s\n' % (infile, outfile))
lineno = 0
atoms = []
#read pdb file
for line in pdb_file:
    lineno += 1
    if line.startswith('ATOM'):
            sys.stderr.write('\nProblem parsing line %d in file %s\n' % (lineno,infile))
            sys.stderr.write('Probably ATOM entry is formatted incorrectly?\n')
            sys.stderr.write('Please refer to -\n\n')
#save xyz file
xyz_file = open(outfile,'w')
xyz_file.write('%d\n' % len(atoms))
xyz_file.write('xyz file converted from %s\n' % infile)
lineno = 2
num_hidden_warnings = 0
for atom in atoms:
    lineno += 1
    xyz_file.write('%s\t%f\t%f\t%f\n' % (, atom.x, atom.y, atom.z))
    if atom.warnings:
        if options.verbose:
            sys.stderr.write('Possible issue on line %d in %s\n' % (lineno, outfile))
            num_hidden_warnings += 1
if options.verbose == False and num_hidden_warnings > 0:
    sys.stderr.write('file %s saved\n' % outfile)
    sys.stderr.write('%d warnings were not shown, ' % num_hidden_warnings)
    sys.stderr.write('please rerun with option -v to see them\n')
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