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This is a partial list of Sparky commands. All commands can be found in the menus - either menus in the main window, or the view menu available through right-clicking on the spectrum.


st - "spectrum tool" - allows referencing scale among other things
xx - transpose x and y axes
xr - rotate axes - changes the plane shown in 2D view for >2D spectra.
xp - set ppm units for axis scale
xh - set hertz units for axis scale
xa - show/hide nucleus type on axes

Resonances and assignments

at - assign peak. select a peak then input its assignment.
ra - show related assignments. select a peak, type the command. → get list of peaks that use resonances of the selected peak.
rl - resonance list. opens view with the list of assigned resonances - a.k.a. assignment table
aD - delete assignment of selected peak.


Peaks are picked by mouse in "peak picking" mode. (F8 key). Peaks can be selected in "select" (F1 key) and "peak picking" modes. More than one peak can be selected with Shift key + mouse click.

pc - center peak - move peak box to the center of nearest peak.
pi - integrate peak - fits peak to some shape, determines height, integral, width.
pk - lock peak - peaks cannot be moved when locked.
pu - unlock peak
oc - "ornament copy" - copies the selected peak(s) along with their assignments and labels
op - "ornament paste" - pastes selected peak(s) along with their assignments and labels into another spectrum
oz - set size of peak box and label, among other things (command means "set ornament sizes")
cr - color peak, label, etc - set color of any selected ornament.
lt - shows list of peaks
it - adjust numerical options used for peak integration
vc - view center. Centers current view on selected peak.

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