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Andy Soper

Last held position

NMR Technical Officer, Chemistry at Rhodes University

Where I live now

Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa


Marine Radio Engineering. Kingston upon Hull CATE

Electrical Engineering, Cape Town then Pretoria Technicons.

Chemistry, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.


Radio Engineering, Radar Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Light Current. Design of Digital Systems. Software written in C and C++. NMR Engineering for service and maintenance. Trained at Bruker factories in Germany and Switzerland (Cryogenics and magnet technology). Applications support. Teaching.


The Analysis of complex mixtures using NMR techniques. Specifically to create improved methods of applying diffusion NMR to complex mixtures, especially crude-extracts of marine and terrestrial organisms (for drug-discovery), and to make diffusion NMR more accessible, more user friendly.


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