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These are links to the video lectures by Professor S. Aravamudhan of North-Eastern Hill University, India
These and more video presentations are posted on Prof. S. Aravamudhan YouTube channel

NMR Video Playlist at YOUTUBE 12 NMR Videos by Prof.S.Aravamudhan

NMR_8 Chemical Shift and J-coupling

NMR_7 Introduction to NMR Spectroscopy

NMR_6 Spin Echo

NMR_5 Spin relaxation and field inhomogeniety

NMR_4 Pulsed Fourier Transform NMR

NMR_3 Pulsed NMR experiment

NMR_2 Spin Ensemble

NMR_1 Elementary definitions of NMR

PulsedFTNMR_Review_PPT MS PPT file on Pulsed FT NMR for review

PulsedFTNMR_Review_movie Downloadable Video Movie file of the above MS PPT file

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