WEFT - water eliminated fourier transform

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Pulse sequence image

This experiment[1] works for molecules whose T1 relaxation time is shorter than T1 relaxation time of water.

To achieve water suppression, tn is selected so that the Z magnetization of water is zero at the moment the 90o pulse is applied. During the same time Z magnetization of the molecule of interest has a chance to fully relax to equilibrium. Both T and tn are around 6 s, but should be optimized.

The article[1] also describes ways of incorporating WEFT into experiments for determination of T1 and T2 relaxation times of macromolecular samples in water.


  1. Patt, SL and Sykes, BD. Water eliminated Fourier transform NMR spectroscopy. The Journal of Chemical Physics 56:3182, 1972. BibTeX [weft]
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