ZF - Zero filling (nmrPipe function)

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Zero filling function adds zeros to the data vectors to either increase digital resolution or prepare the data for the Hilbert transformation.

The function can also be used to truncate data vectors.

Zeroes are added or points removed on both real and complex part (if present) of data vectors.

Note that final data size of n = 2i, where i is integer speeds up the fourier transformation.


The most frequent use. Add zeros to the end of data vector or remove data points from the end of vectors to final size of cerain number of points (256 in this example)

nmrPipe -fn ZF -size 256


optiontype of valuedefault valuemeaning
-zfinteger1number of times to double vector size
-padinteger0 (?)number of zeros to add in the end of data vectors
-sizeintegercurrent point count (?)final size of data vectors after adding zeroes
-autoflag, no valuenot usedwill round size of data vector to the nearest power of 2, consistent with other options
-midflag, no valuenot usedinsert data in the middle of data vectors instead of inserting it in the end
-invflag, no valuenot usedremove zeroes from the inverse FT-processed data
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