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Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs) is a chemistry software company that develops tools for chemical, biochemcal and pharmaceutical R&D.

Their software includes:

ACD/NMR processor - for processing, analysis and assignment of 1D and 2D NMR data. A freeware version is available for academic use.

ACD/NMR Predictors - for fast and accurate prediction of spectra for proton, carbon, nitrogen, fluorine and phosphorus NMR.

ACD/NMR Workbook - for synchronous work-up and assignment of entire (1D and 2D) NMR datasets.

ACD/1D NMR Assistant - NMR software for synthetic chemists.

ACD/2D NMR Expert - for high-throughput processing, verification, and quantitation of 1D NMR data.

ACD/Structure Elucidator - software to help resolve unknown structures from experimental data.

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