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ACD/NMR Processor is FREE software for academic and non-commercial use.

The software supports all major NMR formats and provides exceptional capabilities for desktop processing, analyzing, and interpretation of all 1D NMR data in addition to 2D NMR data from experiments such as COSY, TOCSY, NOESY, HMBC and HMQC/HSQC/HETCOR.

In addition to being a 2D NMR data processing package, the software can help reduce the burden of 2D NMR verification and evaluation. Active structures can be attached to the spectrum and correlations can be easily assigned by clicking and dragging from atom to correlation in the experimental spectrum. Reports can be customized for direct printing, PDF, Word DOC, etc.

Project Website:

Link to Freeware ACD/NMR Processor

Link to Commercial ACD/NMR Processor

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