BioNMR workshop at XXVth ICMRBS in Lyon

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Date and time: Aug 22 2012 2:00-6:30 p.m.

Location: Cité International conference center, Lyon, France.

Registration page: Registration page

More info: BioNMR workshop at XXVth ICMRBS in Lyon: Setting up New Experiments

The workshop will focus on recent technical advancements developed at the BioNMR Research Infrastructures in the frame of the JRA projects to spread best practices. The presentations concentrate on practical aspects and important technical details necessary to set-up NMR experiments, rather than on broad scientific themes. The topics include fast magic angle spinning and dynamics in the solid state, non-uniform sampling, NMR of nucleic acids, 13C detection and NMR of IDPs. Presentations will be given by the people who actively do the experiments to stimulate discussions with students and post-docs. The Workshop is organized in collaboration with the Young BioNMR group.

You can find the tentative program of the workshop and registration page here.

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