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B11 chemical shifts by Tom Cole at San Diego State University

Boron halides

Boron trihalides exchange halogen atoms, this exchange in the neat 1:1 mixture of BCl3:BBr3 was followed by EXSY method [1]. Cross peaks in the 11B 2D EXSY spectrum between the signals from BCl3, BCl2Br, BClBr2 and BBr3 indicated exchange of single halogen atoms per molecular collision since only six cross-peaks between species different in composition by a single atom were observed. Diagonal signals were present in nearly 1:3:3:1 ratio.


  1. DEROSE, EF and CASTILLO, J and SAULYS, D and MORRISON, J. A two-dimensional boron-11 NMR study of halogen scrambling in a mixture of BCl3 and BBr3. Journal of magnetic resonance 93(2):347--354, 1991. BibTeX [b11exsy]
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