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project website: (contains supporting material)
documentation: CARA wiki (further documentation)
license: shareware

Cara stands for "Computer-Aided Resonance Assignment". It is a program for the analysis of NMR spectra of biological macromolecules. Cara uses a single xml format file to organize all information collected in an NMR project. Primary data are the chemical shifts obtained during resonance assignment. These shifts are used by an algorithm to simulate magnetization transfer which generates all expected peaks from any displayed NMR spectrum. This eliminates redundant peak-picking and prevents the user from introducing inconsistencies during resonance assignment. Dedicated tools for backbone assignment, side chain assignment, and peak integration support the entire process of structure determination. Moreover additional tools for specific applications can be developed because all data are organized into a unified model accessible by the integrated scripting language LUA. CARA is precompiled on all major platforms.


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