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useful links: basics of CcpNmr Analysis by Victoria Higman. Collaborative Computing Project for NMR From the Wikipedia

CcpNmr Analysis is maintained by the CCPN Team at the University of Cambridge, UK.

CcpNmr Analysis is a new analysis program built on top of the CCP Data Model. The program is inspired partly by the program ANSIG (Per Kraulis) and partly by the program Sparky (T.D.Goddard and D.G.Kneller, UCSF). Analysis runs under Linux, Unix and MacOSX and Microsoft Windows.

Compatibility and collaboration are key points that CCPN aim to address. Data in CCPNmr project form are readily compatible with many other NMR software tools such as ARIA, ISD, Meccano, iCING and DANGLE to name but a few.

Compared to ANSIG, CcpNmr Analysis includes a completely new graphical user interface, support for automatic assignment, Python as a scripting and macro language, a number of features similar to Sparky, and much much more. CcpNmr Analysis is under active developemnt by CCPN.

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