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Clean TOCSY [1] is a spin-lock pulse sequence that reduces signals due to cross-relaxation (ROESY effect) while keeping signals arising due to scalar coupling (TOCSY effect).

As described in the original work [1], clean TOCSY is a modification of MLEV-17 mixing pulse sequence, where delays are inserted before and after the 180oy pulse.

MLEV-17 element (usually repeated back-to-back many times to add up to total mixing time):

MLEV-17 pulse sequence

Where black pulses are 90o and white - 180o.

Then clean TOCSY element is:

Pulse sequence image


  1. Griesinger, C and Otting, G and Wuethrich, K and Ernst, RR. Clean TOCSY for proton spin system identification in macromolecules. Journal of the American Chemical Society 110(23):7870--7872, 1988. BibTeX [ernst88]
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