Creating macro files in MAGICALII for Varian NMR instruments

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Users of Varian NMR systems can save themselves a lot of typing by creating macro files that contain regular vnmr commands.

The macro files should be place into user's 'vnmrsys/maclib' directory, then called from the vnmr(j) command line just by typing name of the file.

For example if you find yourself frequently typing:

wft f full aph vsadj

Just create a file vnmrsys/maclib/ftme containing the line above, then typing 'ftme' will do the trick.

One important thing to remember is that vnmr(j) program will first look for the file named ~/vnmrsys/maclib/ftme, then /vnmr/maclib/ftme (assuming that main system is installed under /vnmr path). So there is a possibility for collisions - (the same is also true for the pulse sequences).

MAGICALII macro language

In addition to regular commands, macro files can contain mini-programs written in the MAGICAL scripting language, which has simple control flow structures, loops and variable declarations. Please refer to your vnmr user programming manual for more details.

Varian MAGICAL macros on NMR Wiki

Here is the list of varian macros currently available on NMR Wiki:

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