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Open source software specializing in the processing of DOSY (Diffusion-Ordered SpectroscopY) data. DOSY a powerful method for analysis of mixtures by NMR.

The DOSY Toolbox includes a graphical user interface giving easy access to a variety of data processing schemes (listed below) and a command line for more advanced operations.

The toolbox is written in MATLAB and runs in the MATLAB environment, however a free standing compiled version is also available. The MATLAB version works on all platforms, the compiled version is presently available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The DOSY Toolbox also has its own wiki here

Project & download website: here
Author: Mathias Nilsson, Ph.D.
License: GPL


Supported data formats

  • Varian, Bruker and Jeol

Basic processing routines

Supported diffusion-resolved data models and routines

  • DOSY (mono- and multiexponential)
  • Correction for non-uniform field gradients
  • MCR

DOSY pulse sequences

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