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The original selective 1D NOESY using excitation sculpting technique. NOE's as small as 0.02% can be measured, while effects of strong J-couplings largely eliminated.

Here is one of the pulse sequence variants:

double pulsed field gradient spin echo 1D NOESY pulse sequence

Shaped pulse within the mixing time serves to suppress zero-quantum coherences arising in systems with strong scalar couplings.

DPFGSE element is contained between first two 90o pulses. This element achieves high-quality narrow band selective excitation by refocusing magnetization within the bandwidth of selective pulses and dephasing magnetization outside that bandwidth.

In this variant of the pulse sequence all shaped pulses are implemented as the same selective inversion pulse. Shaped pulse in the mixing time is applied on-off resonance. Additional details of PFG delay implementation are described in the paper.



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