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Safety warning: none of these advices are to be ever followed by anyone other then NMR facility managers or other expert personnel!!!

The archive is password protected, however access instructions are given at the list website (you might have to patiently read the front page)

If you do not find an answer to a posted question - try contacting the author who'd asked the original email. List members do not always post answers they find by themselves or obtain from others back to the list.

(Feb 2008) Effects of (stray) ramping bipolar magnetic field on NMR

(Feb 2008) NMR room next to Air Handling Unit room

(Feb 2008) trains, tram lines near NMR facility

(Feb 2008) Faraday Cage specs

(Feb 2008) Depreciation strategies for NMR equipment

Dry air

solution for 50 PSI, -40 C dew point

(summary) dry air for solids

(summary) compressed air systems (Josh Kurutz)

fluctuation of lock level with Balson PSA (Deryck Webb)

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