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Uploading Instructions

  1. Log in. File uploads are not allowed for anonymous visitors.
  2. Go to Upload file in the toolbox on the left. Upload a file.
  3. If you see file size limit warning - ignore it. Click upload anyway.
  4. This should be it. Please report all file upload problems in the discussion tab of this page.
  5. Next section explains how to insert images into the pages

Accepted extensions are:

  • documents: .pdf .doc .ppt .txt
  • images: .png .gif .jpg .jpeg .tif .tiff .svg
  • archives: .tgz .gz .tar .zip

Ideas about other file extensions? - Please post a note in the duscussion tab.

Creating links to uploaded files

If the file you are uploading has .pdf or .doc extension then insert it this way:

[[media:filename.pdf|Link text]]

If it's an image:


Where 200px is width of 200 pixels

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