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ImatraNMR is a software for batch analysis and integration of multiple (quantitative) 1D and 2D NMR spectra, especially suited for situations where many (>10) spectra and/or signals are being considered. Features include:

  • Batch signal seeking, integration, spectrum imaging/export/slicing
  • File support for Bruker TopSpin, Varian VNMR/VNMRJ, SpinWorks, NMRPipe and Mestrelab Mnova (1D only), DmFit files (1D only), and ImatraNMR native format.
  • Results are written in plain text files, CSV-files and standard PNG bitmap images.
  • Controlled by simple plaintext files, simple scripting is also available
  • Written in Java (JRE 6), tested in Windows XP and Linux (Ubuntu 10.4)
  • Free for academic, educational and other non-commercial use.

ImatraNMR homepage

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