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project website:
author: Jacco D. van Beek
license: GPL
requirements: Matlab®


matNMR[1] is a collection of Matlab scripts that read, process, analyze and display NMR data. Supported data formats: Varian (vnmr, SpinSight), Bruker (TopSpin, XWinNMR, UXNMR, WinNMR, Aspect 2000/3000), Chemagnetics (SpinSight, CMXW), JEOL, TecMag (MacNMR, NTNMR), SMIS, SIMPSON (ASCII). Unlike most or all other processing packages, matNMR provides direct access to data matrices through the Matlab environment.


  1. van Beek, JD. matNMR: A flexible toolbox for processing, analyzing and visualizing magnetic resonance data in Matlab{\textregistered}. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 187(1):19--26, 2007. BibTeX [vanbeek1]
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