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project website: http://nmrlab.org.uk
authors: C.Ludwig and U. Günther
license: NMRLab
requirements: Matlab®


NMRLab [1] is general purpose NMR data processing software package based within the MATLAB envrionment. It provides access to standard NMR data processing algorithms (e.g. linear prediction) as well as to advanced methods (e.g. the wavelet based WAVEWAT [2] water suppression algorithm). Tools for processing large metabolomics data sets (ScriptBuilder, MetaboLab [3]) are available as a graphical user interface for semi automated analysis of HSQC data sets for metabolic flux analysis. The software currently supports Bruker (TopSpin) and Varian (vnmr) data format.
MATLAB scripts for NMR data line shape analysis (NMRKIN [4]) are available as well.
The software is free for academic use.


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