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author: Evgeny Fadeev
download: nmrpulse.tar
license: GPLv2

Draw images like this one in your wiki (please, find more examples here).

Successor to this program will be nmrtype - pulse sequence code generator, which is based on the syntax of this extension.

Input syntax is explained in the usage documentation.

sample image that NMRPulse extension can create


Aside from nmrpulse.tar you'll need:

  • python
  • python imaging library - may or may not be present in your default python installation
  • mediawiki (however you can probably adapt it to other wiki engines as well)
  • mimetex compact and fast LaTeX math equation renderer written by John Forkosh.


Assuming that your wiki is up and running.

  1. put nmrpulse.tar file into your mediawiki extensions directory
  2. untar it
  3. cd NMRPulse
  4. download mimetex.zip
  5. unzip it, compile, file mimetex.cgi must now be in extensions/NMRPulse directory
  6. change directory to <wikiroot>/images.
  7. mkdir NMRPulse
  8. make it writable by the webserver
  9. configure seq2png.py on lines 25 & 26 containing path and url of pulse sequence image directory
  10. make file /tmp/error-output.txt writable by the webserver
  11. add require_once("$IP/extensions/NMRPulse/NMRPulse.php"); in the end of your LocalSettings.php file

Please report any questions/suggestions here.

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