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Dear NMR friends,

In support of the central mission of the NMR 2.0 site, which is to enable the efficient sharing and dissemination of NMR knowledge using ‘Web 2.0’ capabilities, our site was enhanced significantly since the end of 2009.

1) A search algorithm was implemented to ‘filter’ records by keywords in individual sections.

2) Tagging of records is now optional for their improved organization.

3) Subscribed users are now able to comment on individual records to share their experiences.

4) The “Google custom search engine” was incorporated and searches both NMR 2.0 and a complementary NMR wiki (http://nmrwiki.org).

5) Each record is now displayed along with an icon indicating the file type of the record (e.g., wmv, gif, jpeg, pdf, or Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint).

6) A ‘share bookmarking button’ was introduced for all records located in Resources, Links, Blog and the NESG NMR Wiki. This allows users to email records, or to share them on networking portals such as Facebook.

7) The Jobs section in Resources now also allows researchers looking for a job (‘job seekers’) to post their professional profile along with a description what kind of job they are looking for.

8) The NMR Wiki of the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium (http://www.nesg.org) was integrated into the NMR 2.0 portal. This enables subscribed users to access both sites with a single login.

The NMR Wiki is based on the open-source Mediawiki package (http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki) and comprises contributions written by NMR scientists of the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium (NESG; http:www.nesg.org) working at Miami University (OH, USA), Rutgers University (NJ, USA), the State University of New York at Buffalo (NY, USA), University of Georgia (GA, USA), and the University of Toronto (ON, Canada). It was launched in January 2010 at the Keystone meeting on Structural Genomics.

The NESG NMR wiki serves to efficiently disseminate established protocols of the NESG high-throughput NMR structure determination pipeline, including those for protein sample preparation, NMR data acquisition, NMR data processing, NMR resonance assignment, and structure calculation, validation and deposition in the Protein Data Bank (PDB; http://www.pdb.org.

In an article (http://sbkb.org/update/2010/03/full/th_psisgkb.2010.09.html) recently posted on the Structural Biology Knowledgebase, the NESG NMR Wiki was highlighted by Maria Hodges, and the complementary nature with the ‘NMR Wiki’ project was discussed by her in a second blog article (http://woodforthetrees.wordpress.com/2010/02/22/a-tale-of-two-wikis/).

We look forward to your contributions to NMR 2.0 (which requires registration), and we welcome articles from experienced researchers for the ‘Blog’ on any issue they consider to be of importance for the NMR community. To contribute articles to the Blog, please send a brief notification to szypersk@buffalo.edu and nmradmin@buffalo.edu.

Last but not least, we truly appreciate your proposals for future improvements which can be posted at http://www.nmr2.buffalo.edu/feedback.

With best regards,

Thomas Szyperski, Professor of Chemistry

Sriram Sankaran, IT Specialist

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