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Posted: March 6, 2011

Deadline: March 11, 2011

Salary: $59,961.00 - $67,488.00 per annum plus performance range

The Department of Chemistry is seeking an energetic and enthusiastic Senior Scientific Assistant (SSA) to manage and operate the Department's Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility. The SSA will ensure effective and efficient operation of this essential infrastructure for research and teaching. The Senior Scientific Assistant will also play a key role in the design and development of a new NMR laboratory. At this time the facility is equipped with four NMR instruments including Bruker 500MHz, 360MHz, and 300MHz systems for multinuclear and variable temperature work.

About the position

The SSA will be responsible for: monitoring the condition of instruments; conducting routine servicing, repair and maintenance of instruments and computers; troubleshooting more complex problems as required; consulting with faculty, staff and students to determine and recommend best NMR techniques and analytical methods to solve research problems, including both routine and specialized non-routine measurements;This could require the implementation and optimization of new experiments, as they appear in the NMR literature." providing personal one-on-one training, instruction and scientific recommendations to all users of the facility (some of this training could be provided through assisting with the NMR spectroscopy component of a graduate level course); providing oversight and consultation with these users as their projects progress; overseeing installations of and non-routine repairs and modifications to the NMR equipment; procuring all supporting equipment, computers, parts, and services required for the efficient and effective operation of the facility as a state-of-the art research and educational service; planning and designing, within budget constraints, a new NMR laboratory; recommending services and equipment for this space; advising on purchases of new and replacement instrumentation, and assisting in grant preparation to secure funds for such purchases; assisting occasional users of the facility by acquiring data and consulting with them to determine if any non-routine procedures are required; updating and developing policies and procedures related to NMR services such as service charges, booking systems, safety procedures, and standard operating procedures; maintaining statistics for the time allotment for all facility users on all of the NMR equipment to facilitate the most time-efficient, productive and fair use of equipment; keeping up on advances in the field by attending relevant seminars, training courses and symposia; other duties of similar scope and complexity.

The successful candidate will have an MSc or PhD in chemistry or a closely related discipline; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. A strong background in NMR is essential. Managerial experience and excellent communication skills are essential. Teaching experience is an asset.

The successful candidate will be a highly creative, flexible individual with the ability to improve and adapt methods and procedures in response to changing user demands; and will be an individual with vision who will continually work towards improving services for our instructors, students and researchers.

How to apply

Please log in here if you are interested in this position. Please note that we cannot accept paper applications.


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Position #: 998474 NOC code: 4122

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