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date posted: February 3 2010
This is a recruiting agency posting - please find contact information below.

A large specialty chemical company in the midwest has an exciting opportunity for an NMR Spectroscopist. The position will involve developing NMR methods, interpreting specta, and being the in-house NMR expert. There will be some other analytical work as well - including GC, HPLC, and FTIR.

Candidate requirements

The company is looking for a Ph.D. Chemist (M.S. Chemist may be considered) with expertise in NMR, good communication (written and oral), and solid project management skills. Only US permanent residents or US citizens will be considered for this position.

How to apply

If interested, please contact Devin Heffernan at 815-756-1221 or by e-mail at dheffernan@cps4jobs.com.

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