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Organize information about popular supplies by category. Clearly provide vendor information, product name, catalog #, your comments.


NMR Tube Vendors

Wilmad : 5mm precision | 5mm economy | all tubes

Norell : complete 2008 catalog (pdf)

New Era: NMR Catalog(pdf)

J. Young valve NMR tubes - tubes for use with air-sensitive samples


Cambridge Isotopes

Spectra Stable Isotopes

Isotec now division of Sigma-Aldrich

Accessory lab instrumentation

Micro pH electrodes

NMR tube pipettes

Spectrometers and probes

Process NMR Associates TD-NMR spectrometers at multiple fields and high-resolution 60 MHz FT-NMR spectrometer systems based on permanent magnets.

Varian NMR NMR Systems - Superconducting Magnets

Bruker Biospin NMR Systems - Supeconducting Magnets

HTS-110 NMR Systems - Compact Cryogen-free Magnets

JEOL NMR Systems - Superconducting Magnets

NMR Service NMR Systems, probes, EM360 upgrades, non magnetic RF capacitors

J S Research NMR Probes and Systems

Protasis Corporation / MRM CapNMR probes and OneMinute NMR automation systems

NMR Process Systems High Resolution NMR systems for Process Control Applications

Resonance Systems TD-NMR NMR Systems, Amplifiers, NMR RF Components, Replacement Spectrometers, Probes, Unilateral NMR, Software Development

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