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Each page linked from here should serve as a live literature review on the particular subject.

Topics should be organized in directories for easy navigation. Each article can contain a summary of topic's scope, references and brief abstracts. Live links to journal articles are very valuable.



Absolute stereochemistry

Relative stereochemistry

Isotope labeling: Proteins

Referencing of chemical shift

Solvent suppression

Chemical exchange: NH groups | STD | Exsy

Diffusion measurements


Scalar Coupling

Free induction decay

Gyromagnetic ratio

Chemical shift

Rotating frame transformation

Acquisition Modes in Indirect Dimension

Magnetic resonance in paramagnetic systems


Pre- heteronuclear biomolecular NMR works

NMR structures of paramagnetic systems

NMR Studies of individual proteins (3 proteins)

Measurements of molecular diffusion by NMR

Solid State NMR

Papers by Research Group

Bax Lab

AJ Shaka Lab

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