Pdbcat - perl script that concatenates pdb files

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Author: Evgeny Fadeev

  • tries to guess chain terminations (detects discontinuities in residue number) and inserts TER statements
  • adds MODEL and ADDMDL records
  • does not do anything with chain ID's
  • only supports ATOM records in the coordinate section, discards all comments
pdbcat [pdb_file_list] > concatenated_file.pdb
#pdb specs for coordinate section can be found here:
use strict;
my @files = @ARGV;
my $i = 1;
foreach my $f (@files){
    open F, "<$f" or $!;
    my @lines = <F>;
    printf "%-6s%8d\n", "MODEL",$i;
    my @chains = pdb::split_xplor_pdb_chains(\@lines);
    foreach my $c (@chains){
        foreach my $l (@$c){
            next if $l =~ /^END$/;
            print $l;
            if ($l !~ /\012|\015|\015\012$/){
                #last line may not have end of line character
                #so add it
                print "\n";
        print "TER\n";
    print "ENDMDL\n";
print "END\n";
sub pdb::split_xplor_pdb_chains{
    my $in = shift;
    my $p_resno = 0;
    my @chains;
    my $c_chain = 0;
    $chains[0] = [];
    foreach my $line (@$in){
        next if $line !~ /^ATOM/;
        my @chars = split /|/, $line;
        my $resno = join('',@chars[23 .. 26]);
        #get number of residue
        if ($resno - $p_resno == 1 or $resno == $p_resno){
            #if number stays or increases by one - same residue
            push @{$chains[$c_chain]}, $line;
        else {
            #otherwise start new chain and increment chain number
            my @new_chain;
            push @new_chain, $line;
            push @chains, \@new_chain;
        $p_resno = $resno;
    return @chains;
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